Design Features your Ecommerce Could Benefit From

Raquel Cassini
August 19, 2022
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Are you looking to create a brand new eCommerce or thinking about redesigning your current one? Then let’s talk a little bit about some design features that could step up your website’s game.

When we are talking about eCommerce, there are a few things we should pay attention to provide a smooth and pleasant customer experience. We always need to remember to make customers’ shopping journeys as easy as possible and make sure we keep that in mind while designing the website. Here are some design features that can help you with that:

Easy and Clean Navigation

The first thing is to pay attention to your website’s organization, especially to your main menu. We need to ensure customers can easily find what they are looking for, so create a menu with clear categories and verify that all collections have products inside them, otherwise people might think your site is broken.

In order to have a more user-friendly navigation, let’s also be aware of the order in which the links will be placed! Remember, customers are going to your store with the main objective of purchasing your products, so more company-related links (such as Our Story, Our Team, etc) should not come first, but your more important product categories. That tip is also valid for the rest of your website. Organization and content hierarchy are a must.

Naut & Chain menu dropdown

Filters Help your Customers

One thing we always say to our customers is how important filters are for any eCommerce. Let’s think like this: I am a client looking for a nice white t-shirt in a small size. Why should I be forced to go through all your products if I already know what I want? Besides that, let’s say I did find the perfect white t-shirt and it was exactly what I was looking for, but as soon as I got to the product page I realized you don’t have my size available… How upsetting. Filters prevent situations like that since you will only see the products that fit the criteria. In this case a) white; and b) small.

Appealing Media

I am sure your products are awesome but are the product images and videos really showcasing their quality? Keep in mind that we need to convince people they need your products, so it is necessary to really wow customers with your visual assets. Also, besides looking great, ensure you are providing more than one angle of each product. Going back to the t-shirt example, how would you expect me to buy it with only the front image? What if I don’t like the back design? Remember that customers can’t try or touch your products as they do in physical stores, so you need to cover that with awesome images.

Naut & Chain collection page

FAQs are not a secondary feature

Faqs are a great way to show important information. Sometimes customers may end up not finalizing the purchase because they could not find all the information they needed to decide to buy your product. We don’t want that happening, do we? Information regarding shipping, refunds, returns, materials, and care are the minimum requirements. If you can’t afford to have an FAQ per product, let’s focus on having a rich general faq page that will cover most doubts customers may have about your store.

Well-designed shopping carts

Let’s say we have a well-organized website, with a great menu, helpful filters, amazing images, and lots of information on the FAQ page - let’s not stop there!  A good cart design can also make a difference in your customers’ shopping experience. The cart needs to at least show the following details: product name, product image, price, chosen variant, total price, and checkout button. But we are not aiming for the basics, are we? So why not also use the cart to show the shipping estimation, a special coupon code, upsell options, and an extra notes feature? The image below shows a great example.

Broadcast Theme Demo Store

Of course, there are many more features we can discuss when talking about customer experience on eCommerce, but I hope these few tips will help you with the beginning of this journey. And remember: at the end of the day, you just need to try things out and see what works best for your customers! Listen to their feedback :)

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