Born out of 20 years of friendship


How it all started

Lucas worked as a Software Engineer for Ecommerce Startups in Silicon Valley and Chicago while Gustavo worked managing design teams for Heineken, Nestle and others in South America. Together they created Colored Byte in 2020.

Remote but always together

As an American company, our team is located all over north and south America in places like Chicago, Florida, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Santiago and Buenos Aires and more!

Meet the crew

We are a creative bunch, from all over the universe. All humans joined together to help companies succeed in business.

Lucas Credie
Founder, CEO
Gustavo Della
Founder, COO
Verónica Piuselli
Project Manager
Marina Goulart
Project Manager
Raquel Cassini
Lead UI CX Designer
Gabriel Budemberg
UI CX Designer
Tayna Rodrigues
UI/UX Designer
Luis Andrade
Shopify Front End Developer
Fabio Pecora
Software Engineer
Vitor Orém
Webflow Developer
Miguel Ángel
Front End Developer
Lucas Pereira
Front End Developer
Spencer Grimes
Solutions Expert
Rafaela Schaefer
Client Aquisition
Colored Byte
7345 W Sand Lake RD,
Ste 210 Office 743
Orlando, FL 32819 US

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