Hundreds of clients and counting 🚀
Booking new projects Q4 2023 🤘
98% Client retention 💜
Hundreds of clients and counting 🚀
Booking new projects Q4 2023 🤘
98% Client retention 💜

We are a leading digital agency focused on design, development and email marketing for Ecommerce and SAAS businesses.


Leading digital agency focused on design, development and email marketing for of Ecommerce and Saas startups.

A few of our clients

We believe in #LowCode

Fast Implementation

Creating new features should not take months of work. We leverage tools like Zapier, Airtable and specific ecosystem apps to implement new features fast in a reliable way.

Easy Maintenance

Hyper custom sites and features are high risk. Why maintain every system you build yourself if you can rely on existing tools that can provide the proper support if something goes wrong.

Perfect for Startups

Low Code allows founders to focus on the growth of their business instead of the tech. You shouldn’t feel like you are running a tech company unless you actually are running one.


Shopify builds & support for starter brands

We work with new businesses creating new stores and functionalities and offer long term support for brands doing 30k-100k/month. We offer UI UX design and Liquid Development to create Low Code components that can be managed by you with minimum maintenance.

UI UX Design

We design branded responsive stores and sections with the Shopify 2.0 theme structure as a basis.

Software Development

We develop using the best 2.0 theme features available so that sections are flexible and manageable by you.

We partner with apps in the Shopify Ecosystem to fuel your business growth

Email Marketing

Klaviyo automations
& campaigns

15-25% of Ecommerce revenue can come from email marketing and SMS. For that reason we built an email department with specialists to help Ecommerce DTC brands doing 30-100k/month in revenue.

Flows and automations

Automated email sequences that cam improve the customer experience and reduce returns, increase AOV or LTV of your business.

Ongoing Campaigns

We create high converting, beautifully designed emails sent at the perfect time to generate revenue and increase repeat purchases.

Web Development

Webflow builds and support

Build for startups trying to raise a seed round or service businesses looking for the new site, our sites are fast and and highly focused with business goals in mind, being getting more leads, signups, appointments or downloads.

UI UX Design

We focus on goal oriented design, looking for customer journeys first and looks second. We design for business growth, not just for cute looks.

Software Development

We go beyond Webflow capabilities, using external libraries and tools to augment what is possible within native functionality.

We partner with tools to go beyond what is possible with Webflow.

What our clients say

We have clients with us since we started, these are some words about what it is like working with us.

Can't recommend this team enough! They helped me not only rework my site by moving it to a better theme but they also helped with the functionality. I have over HUNDREDS of products on my site and they helped me to organize my site in a way that was aesthetically pleasing and not overwhelming to the consumer. I truly can not recommend them enough - everyone was so patient and attentive. Will continue to work with you guys in the future.

Aubrey Yandow



Mr. Trophy

Colored Byte has been awesome! I was completely starting from scratch with both the brand and website, not to mention zero experience in the e-commerce space! Thankfully I came across Colored Byte at the right time and they held my hand through the process from inception to going live. What I appreciated the most about the team was the great communication and how quickly they understood what I was trying to achieve. This helped to make the process seamless and made my life a lot easier. I loved the experience and will continue to work with the Colored Byte team in the future!

Ben Adams



Nakd Health

Colored Byte was the best site support I've experienced. At every step, Colored Byte has anticipated client needs and built systems to make the project implementation seamless. They went above and beyond my expectation with the final product and delivered it on time. Their familiarity with Webflow and advanced coding to make it sing leveled up what we thought we could deliver. And they did it with a smile and an attitude that made you feel special.I look forward to working with this team again whenever I have the chance. Also best on-boarding I've experienced!

B. Loewe



On Point Studios

Communication was great. The team was very easy to work with and delivered a stellar product.

Robin Dhanju




Everything went smooth, and you guys were upfront about everything. Project manager did everything great. simple and straightforward. She’s perfect at the job.

Zakaria Kanbouzi



Simply Moroccan

I can honestly tell you they are by far the best team I have ever worked with. I founded multiple start-ups over the past 10 years and I worked with countless dev teams, both here in the states and abroad. And I can tell you I never worked with a dev team that can really understand our messaging, our branding as well as Lucas and his team have.

Chris Parker




I have really enjoyed working with the team! The whole process from start to finish was incredibly straightforward. From the initial introduction call with Lucas to every follow up with our PM, Fran, I clearly understood the objectives and timelines and felt like our company's site was in great hands. The team was friendly and creative when it came to developing new features for our Shopify site. They would often offer several suggestions and let me pick the one I preferred and always held true to timelines. I would absolutely recommend them for any project- big or small!

Laura Kania



Snap Diabetes

I loved working with such a passionate, friendly and innovative team!

Shazia Ijaz



Seek Refuge

I worked with Colored Byte to develop our website. They were on time, on budget and a pleasure to work with. They were awesome, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Rolf Wilkinson

Director of UI UX


Hamsa Pay

Just that from my early talks with Lucas to working with the team, my impression of the company was that you were professional and well-run. I also appreciated that when you were ready to share the work it was in good condition (i.e. minimal bugs). This told me you cared about the work and not just meeting a deadline. Definitely one of the more positive agency experiences I've had!

Mark Rabo

VP of Product



The team and PM were so great to work with! They were communicated very well. There are so many great things about the colored byte team! They let you know when things are within the scope of your budget, suggest ideas and collaborate very well, truly care about you and your brand/project, and are kind people to work with. I would recommend them to anyone! THANK YOU!!!! Please let me know if i can ever do anything to help you all! You were so great to work with!

Zach S.



USCAPE Apparel

This team has your back from beginning to end. High quality design from high quality work.

Josh Naehr

Marketing Manager


Barn Owl Tech

We loved working with Colored Byte from the beginning. They really understood what our brand feeling was and they were able to quickly translate that into visuals that really reflected on who we are. Response times were quick communications were easy and organized.

Michiko Quinones



Javi’s Gravy

We worked with Colored Byte for the design of our website and I had a very good experience with them. What impressed me the most is that were super committed to making my business a success. It is always nice to have collaborators who are attached to your project as much as you are. I would highly recommend them!

Erika Lemay




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