Why your site doesn't convert

As a Shopify Agency, we talk to many Shopify store owners every day who are struggling with conversion rate optimization at an early stage. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the aspects that impact your conversion rate and how you can improve it until you have enough data to test.

The first thing I want to say is that cheap tricks are not the answer. These are the biggest conversion killers early on and can easily be avoided. We see this time and time again with dropshipping stores that try to "trick" customers into buying their products. Those don't usually work and often times hurt your business long term.

What are the cheap tricks you may ask? Some examples are fake live inventory counters, fake purchase notifications like "Greg just purchased X product 5 minutes ago!" and tactics that are not really in benefit of the customer. If it feels like you are manipulating someone into purchasing your product by impulse, it is a cheap tactic and it will hurt your business long term.

If you want to create a solid brand then the game you need to play is the long-term game. You need customers to come back and you want them to refer your products to other people. This is how you grow a business in the long run, with loyal customers, not by tricking them into buying. Remember, the goal is not just to have a sale but to have them come back time and time again.

So what actually can improve your conversions if you have no solid data yet? There are a lot of factors in play but the high-level view boils down to the quality of traffic you are bringing to the site and how well you communicate the value of your product and your brand to them once they are there.

For this blog post, I'm assuming you have quality traffic so we will focus on how to communicate your value properly once customers land on your page.

"There is only so much that can be done without data. But good foundations work."

At the core, communicating your value involves a well-done visual identity with proper brand positioning. This is essential as it dictates who you are and how you communicate to customers and how it separates you from the competition. This involves getting professional photography, video and creating visual assets that support your identity. Not only that speaks to your customers a lot more effectively but also gives you a lot of social proof.

If you want a single tip that will be a game changer for your e-commerce this is it: You need to invest a lot in photography and branding since day one. Without professional photography, you won't convert no matter how great the features of your site are.

We also need good user interface design and experience. This involves thinking about the customer journey and the path they take to purchase something. if your ad takes people to a product page then how do they experience your product once they are there? Since this is digital, that is where good photography and video comes into place and why it is so important, especially paired with good layouts.

Without data you will not succeed long term, so installing heat mapping tools and analytics will take you a long way when testing layouts and different ways to explain the value of your product. Testing will be the biggest game changer for converting sales, that said, good ecommerce foundations will work

So in short, a good conversion rate means the right people are looking at something of value and you are able to demonstrate the value to them better or in a unique way compared to the competition.

May 20, 2021
Gustavo Della
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